Past MSA Patients Talk about their Treatment in China
Returning Hope Returning Hope
Joaquim Violante, CANADA, 65 years old
Joaquim began experiencing improvements throughout the treatment.
Now, when Joaquim stands up, his balance is much better and he can strengthen his waist more. He can now hold his head up. His speech got much better than before as it is clearer and easier for others to understand. With improvement inswallowing, Joaquim is now able to drink water by himself. His upper limbs movement is more flexible, as well as the movements of his fingers and toes. He now can get up and lie down independently. Also, it is now easier for him to stand up from a sitting position. Joaquim walks more stable now, and his urinating has also significantly improved. Before coming for treatment, Joaquim told us that he wants to get better since he wishes to dance with his wife again. During the third week of his stay he danced with his wife, while singing a song, something that he could not do for a long time, and it made both Joaquim and his family very happy. Joaquim told us that he is satisfied with the treatment as he is able to walk, speak and eat very well now. We wish him further improvements!
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Returning Hope Returning Hope