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With Diabetes as one of the main causes of death in the Western world.

April 2009

With diabetes as one of the main causes of death in the Western world, it is also one of Returning Hope's, a Thailand stem cell treatment information portal, most popular treatments. A Brazilian study has attained the same amazing results from stem cell treatment for diabetes that patients using Returning Hope to arrange treatment have.

Bangkok, Thailand, xx April, 2009 – A joint study by Northwestern University, conducted in Brazil has recently substantiated the excellent results in stem cell treatment for diabetes that Returning Hope, an Asian portal for stem cell treatment information and arrangement, has had.

The Brazilian study followed 23 patients that had stem cell treatment for diabetes, some for up to five years. The results were impressive:

  • 20 out of 23 people had at least some time where they didn't need insulin
  • The average period spent without drug support was 31 months
  • The longest period spent without insulin was four years and four months

All of the patients had type 1 diabetes, and had commenced stem cell treatment within weeks of their diagnosis. The study posited that the early intervention of adult stem cell therapy was important because the body stopped attacking its own insulin-producing cells, leaving more of them intact.

The stem cell treatment in the study was autologous (derived from a patient's own body), just as the treatments arranged by Returning Hope are. In this study, stem cells were collected from the patients' bone marrow. The researchers have touted the study as proving that "[stem cell therapy] remains the only treatment capable of reversing type 1 [diabetes mellitus] in humans", to date.

Brian Dardzinkski, CEO of Returning Hope, says the results bear out what the Asian treatment portal already knows about stem cell treatment for diabetes. "We have seen so many patients go home relieved, feeling better, and so glad to be rid of their injections".

"The study, recently published in JAMA, (The Journal of the American Medical Association) simply measures the results we have already seen. We expect that as we further our understanding of stem cells in general, Returning Hope will be helping patients find treatment that will cure their condition for the rest of their life".

However, it is not only newly diagnosed diabetes patients that can benefit from stem cell therapy in Thailand, such as Returning Hope arranges. Lourdes Barbero Ramos is one patient who underwent stem cell treatment for diabetes, after having the condition for 15 years.

"It's waking up tired after an eight hour sleep", said Mrs. Barbero. "Your productive time is decreased by half [with diabetes]". After her treatment, she found she had much more energy: "I ex. she found she had much more energy: "I exercise on a daily basis, except on Sundays ... I feel younger, I have much more energy", she said. "Stem cells gave me the quality of life that I've always looked for", Mrs. Barbero finished.

Around 2.8% of the population worldwide suffers from diabetes, and the World Health Organization expects this number to double by 2030. While all forms have been treatable since 1921, there has never been a cure.

About Returning Hope
Returning Hope is dedicated to helping early stage stem cell technology companies commercialize in the Asian market. With offices in Hong Kong and Bangkok, Thailand, Returning Hope and its staff assist hospitals and doctors with Regenerative Medicine Technologies aimed at improving the lives of patients. Returning Hope works with premier hospitals and clinics in Asia to assist in marketing and distribution of cellular medicine. The company also provides a patient portal,, to act as a resource for people seeking stem cell therapy anywhere in the world.

For more information please contact:

Brian Dardzinski, CEO
[email protected]

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