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Stem Cell Therapy for
Breast Reconstruction
Adipose or fat tissue is a rich source of stem cells. The stem cells found in fat have the ability to regrow blood vessels, or revasculize areas where a fat transfer has occurred. Fat transfers were first done over a century ago, but usually failed bacause the fat did not graft on the breast and was simply reabsorbed. Returning Hope
Now, these fat stem cells can be isolated from the patients fat, activated and mixed back into the fat. It takes about an hour to activate the cells. Once activated they will form a new blood supply for the transplanted fat. This is called stem cell enhanced breast reconstruction.

The procedure is as follows.

During a single operation, fat is harvested from the women's thigh or abdomen ( similar to liposuction ). It is split into two samples. One sample will be used to extract and activate the stem cells. The other sample will receive the activated stem cells and be used for the breast reconstruction or fat transfer. This stem cell rich fat is then injected back into the breast. The results are immediate, the deformity or dent is now filled. ( see diagram below )

Diagram Breast Reconstruction
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About This Video
Breast_Reconstruction Breast_Reconstruction
Video Descriptions: Fat stem cells are used for ALS. The stem cells from the abdominALS fat are mixed with the patient's own fat and re-injected into the breast.
Duration : 02:36
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