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Stem Cell Therapy for Spinal Cord Injury

Patients Treated by our Partner's Hospitals: over 1850

Our partner's stem cells have been used for the treatment of spinal cord injuries since 2005. This is second only to the amount of patients treated for muscular dystrophy. All different types of patients, whether with complete or incomplete injuries and injuries at a variety of spinal regions, have been treated. SCI patients can experience improvements in movement, strength, sensation, control (limb, bowel, and bladder), and even the ability to sweat. Patients have experienced improvements in the expansion and intensity of sensation even while suffering from very severe injuries to the spinal column. As with any form of stem cell therapy, there is the possibility of minimal/no improvement, and we encourage patients and caregivers to maintain realistic expectations for the treatment.

The types of injections used in the treatment are dependent upon the injury’s severity. Our doctors are currently recommending the use of a CT-Guided Intraspinal Cord Injection for patients with very old injuries or complete/severe incomplete injuries. This injection type is provided in addition to the normal IV and LP injections and allows the stem cells to be placed more directly in the injury site.

General Treatment Protocol:
Below is the general treatment protocol for spinal cord injuries. Please keep in mind that this is only an example and the injection and cell types may change slightly depending on the patient’s condition. SCI patients may receive one of two protocols (decided by the doctors upon medical review).

  • UC-MSC packets injected by IV and LP
  • UC-MSC packets injected by IV, LP, and one CT-Guided Intraspinal Cord Injection



Below is a link to a 2008 study of 500 past spinal cord injury patients. This study compared patient improvement using internationally recognized standards such as ASIA and Ashworth Scale scores. You can view the PDF in your browser and save it to your computer. Please note that it might take a few minutes for the PDF to open.

Patient Case Studies

Case studies focus on individual patients and detail their treatment and results. We will be updating this section with new case studies as they become available. Simply click on the pictures below to open each case study.

Stem Cells China SCI Patient Experience Pages

StemCellsChina hosts patient experience pages from past patients. These pages detail patients’ treatment journeys, including the condition before treatment, the treatment protocols the received, and after-treatment observations. These documents are either written by patients or edited together from comments patients recorded during interviews. Click below to view SCI patient experiences.

Recent Patients

Below are direct links to interviews and patient experience pages for a few recent patient. We will update these as new content becomes available. Claire Marsh, Australia, SCI L-1 incomplete, 23 years old

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