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Stem Cell Therapy for Cerebral Palsy

Patients Treated By Our Partner's Hospitals: over 1240

Our partner has provided stem cells for the treatment of CP since 2005. Because CP is not a progressive condition, it is possible for improvements to last for a long period of time. Some patients experience immediate benefits soon after the start of treatment while others steadily improve even after returning home. As with any form of stem cell therapy, there is the possibility of minimal/no improvement, and we encourage patients and caregivers to maintain realistic expectations for the treatment. Upon receiving medical information, our doctors can give additional guidance about the treatment’s appropriateness.

General Treatment Protocol:
Below is the general treatment protocol for cerebral palsy. Please keep in mind that this is only an example and the injection and cell types may change slightly depending on the patient’s condition. CP patients will receive one of the following protocols (decided by the doctors upon medical review).

  • UCBSC packets injected by IV and LP
  • UCBSC packets injected by IV, LP, and one CT-Guided Stereotactic Intracranial Injection (for older CP patients)
  • CP children with shunts will not receive LP unless requested and confirmed by our medical department



Below is a link the Descriptive Statistical Report on CP Cases with Cell Therapy, a retrospective follow-up study tracking patient improvements through the first year after treatment. You can view the PDF online and save it to your computer.


Patient Case Studies

The following case study is for a 7 year old cerebral palsy patient. Click below to view the entire case study.


Stem Cells China Cerebral Palsy Patient Experience Pages

StemCellsChina hosts patient experience pages from past patients. These pages detail patients’ treatment journeys, including the condition before treatment, the treatment protocols the received, and after-treatment observations. These documents are either written by patients or edited together from comments patients recorded during interviews. Click below to view CP patient experiences.

Returning Hope Returning Hope
About This Video
Najib, USA, CP Spectrum Disorder, 3 years old
(at time of treatment)

Najib’s CP has affected both his gross and fine motor skills as well as his vision. He received six stem cell packets total during his treatment. His parents have stated that he has continued to make very steady progress and can now sit independently and is much more responsive to people and objects.
Watch his video here
Returning Hope Returning Hope
Returning Hope
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