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Stem Cell Therapy for Autism

Patients Treated By our Partner's Hospitals: over 320

Autism patients coming for treatment to one of our partner's hospitals have either physical deficiencies, behavioral deficiencies, or both. It is our doctors’ recommendation that autism patients are better served to get treatment at a younger age when they are still in their developmental phase. Any improvement from treatment can greatly help during this critical period of time.

Because autism is not a progressive condition, it is possible for the improvements to last for a long period of time. Some patients experience immediate benefits soon after the start of treatment while others steadily improve even after returning home. As with any form of stem cell therapy, there is the possibility of minimal/no improvement, and we encourage patients and caregivers to maintain realistic expectations for the treatment. Upon receiving medical information, our doctors can give additional guidance about the treatment’s appropriateness.

Patient Case Studies

Case studies focus on individual patients and detail their treatment and results. We will be updating this section with new case studies as they become available. Simply click on the picture below to open the case study.


Stem Cells China Autism Patient Experience Pages

StemCellsChina hosts patient experience pages from past patients. These pages detail patients’ treatment journeys, including the condition before treatment, the treatment protocols the received, and after-treatment observations. These documents are either written by patients or edited together from comments patients recorded during interviews. Click below to view autism patient experiences.

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