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Researchers Create New Rat Heart in Lab The New Hork Time
By Lawrence K. Altman

Medicine's dream of growing new human hearts and other organs to repair or replace damaged ones received a significant boost on Sunday when University of Minnesota researchers reported success in creating a beating rat heart in a laboratory.
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"...Hope is what this program is all about"  
By P.A. Sévigny, The Suburban

Over the past ten years, research done by a dedicated group of scientific professionals in the basement laboratories of Montreal’s east-end Maisonneuve-Rosemont hospital has become a beacon of hope for thousands of people sick with leukemia and other blood-borne cancers. Not only has Doctor Denis Claude Roy’s applied research saved hundreds of lives in and around Montreal, it has also attracted the attention of cancer research specialists throughout the world.

Only a decade ago, most blood borne cancers were considered to be a virulent and usually fatal disease. Once told you had leukemia or any other comparable cancer, you were expected to go home, settle your affairs and then do what you could to enjoy what little bit of life you had left. Now, because of stem cell transplant therapy as developed by Doctor Roy and his colleagues, you must still take the time to settle your affairs because you have to get ready to fight for the rest of your life.

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Still no autism-vaccine link, say health officials  
By Will Dunham

Federal health officials said on Thursday the government has not conceded that vaccines cause autism even after a Georgia girl won federal compensation in a case arguing a vaccine led to her brain damage.

Hannah Poling, 9, had a rare mitochondrial disorder and a federal court ruling said regular childhood vaccinations may have contributed to some of her autism-like symptoms. She was awarded compensation under the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program in a case that became public this week.

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