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success story Fat Stem Cell Treatment for Diabetes - Patient testimonial
Aksel is a Norwegian, currently living in Bangkok, Thailand. He recently got stem cell therapy for diabetes, using his own fat stem cells. This video is one month after the stem cell therapy.
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Returning Hope Stem Cell Treatment - Stroke Patient Testimonial
The following video is a testimonial of a Stroke survivor recently treated with Adult Stem Cells in Bangkok, Thailand. She and her family talk about the improvements, both physically and ...
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Returning Hope Grace Draper on her stem cell treatment for stroke
Listen to Grace draper tell her story after Autologous stem cell therapy, She can walk now.
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Returning Hope David Blair - Ataxia
After Stem Cell Therapy for Spinocerebellar Ataxia, David Robert Blair talk about his treatment, all the improvements that he is...
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Returning Hope Paul Flynn - Ataxia
Mr. Flynn saying that he is feeling absolutely no pain from his Stem Cell injection 7 hours after the injection. He is also telling that his balance is better than before.
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Returning Hope Patricia Cabrera - Autism
After Stem Cell Therapy Autism, Patricia Cabrera past from the bottom to the top in her class. She now can count to 50 and make a lot of improvement.
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