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Returning Hope
Returning Hope General Questions Returning Hope Stem Cell Therapy Returning Hope Medical Facilities and Doctors Returning Hope What patients have to say
General Questions
1. What Are Stem Cells?  
2. How are the stem cells taken from the body and what happens to them?  
3. How does adult stem cell therapy work?  
Stem Cell Therapy
1. What is the difference between Adult and Embryonic stem cells?  
2. How are cell therapies being used to treat disease today?  
3. Is adult stem cell therapy safe?  
Medical Facilities and Doctors
1. What about the medical and nursing care overseas?  
2. How common is medical tourism?  
What patients have to say
1. What was it like getting treated?  
2. How did I feel after treatment?  
3. What is my life like now?  
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Returning Hope